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DiSCA as several active standards, for which summaries are given below. Use the main menu to select the standards you’re looking for.

1/32 W.E.C. is the top flight standard for 1/32 digital sports and endurance racing. It use used in DiSCA W.E.C. events and the Le Mans 24 hours. This standard gives scope for three separate sub-categories, where technical elements may also be applied to other categories if desired.

GT3 Euroseries is a the premier standard for off-shelf 1/32 Group GT3 racing cars, with freedom in parts and options for aftermarket chassis. The formula is designed around sixty minute sprint racing and cars which are closely matched and easy to handle in traffic, making use of sponge tyres and balance of performance measures.

GT3 Euroseries for Makers is a manufacturing standard for model manufacturers with interest in adding their models to the GT3 Euroseries homologation list.

GT4 Pro and GT4 Clubman are simple, accessible GT formulas for smaller clubs racing on off shelf-digital systems such as Scalextric Sport Digital and Carrera D132. The GT4 Pro standard gives more scope for tuning and cross-brand competition, while the specific standard for each of the brands is written around box stock running. Both standards contain optional or recommended regulations for clubs to interpret and regulate independently, as to best suit their specific circumstances.

1/32 Touring Car is written around 2015+ Hornby Scalextric BTCC cars with original inline chassis, wheels and motors, but scope for aftermarket parts where original equipment spares are unavailable.

Driving and Racing General is written to introduce newcomers to the concepts and etiquette of racing with multiple cars per lane. This standard is recommended reading for anybody starting out with digital slot car racing, whether you are a club or an individual racing at home.