1/32 W.E.C.


Download here: DiSCA_WEC_technical_2024_V1

6h Suzuka W.E.C 2017 grid by Richard Hill








These standards are applicable to 1/32 scale models of Le Mans, endurance, and sports racing cars competing in race distances of greater than one hour, or where a team of drivers is necessary. They provision for hand-out motors and tyres and encourage the building of accurate scale model racing cars.

The formula is designed for multi-category racing where cars on track are divisible into categories based on their type and/or technical specification, and that may be classified independently as such.

The technical regulations allow freedom in many areas while requiring a plastic chassis and ‘hard’ bodyshell. Particular focus is directed at the scale authenticity and appearance of models.

WEC Generic Sporting Regulations

Download Here: DiSCA WEC Generic Sporting Regulations v2

This set of sporting regulations is designed for independent organisers to hold race meetings of between three and twelve hours in length, in accordance with DiSCA standards and procedures.

Legacy: DiSCA_WEC_2022_v2

Referenced by the UK National Digital Championship