GT3 Euroseries

GT3 Euro stack

Download here (179kb): GT3_technical_v5

GT3 Euroseries South Manchester 2016

These regulations are applicable to 1/32 scale models of group GT3 racing cars. This formulae is based on using readily available ready-to-run (RTR) slot cars and components that can be ordered from any slot car retailer.

The standard allows cars from slot car manufacturers such as NSR, Scaleauto and Black Arrow, as well as kit and upgrade builds using components such as PCR chassis (Scalextric /, and 3D print from Olifer Racing, Sloting Plus, 3D Fab and The Area71 Slotcars.

Welcome pack

Download here (3.5MB): GT3 Welcome 2017

GT3 bodies and chassis list

Download here (138kb):GT3_bodies_chassis

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