WEC (&LM24) Rules Walk 2024-25

As we begin to get a clearer picture of the cars coming to market in the near future, it’s now time for DiSCA to share that it’s WEC rules walk for 2024 and 2025 with a wider public audience.

Phase 1 – 2023-2024

The first phase will see the inclusion of Hypercar models within current LM P1 technical regulations. The original criteria for this introduction was that a RTR model had to be commercial available through the usual distrbution channels. As a few people have now had their hands on the Scaleauto Porsche 963 and Peugeot 9X8, that looks to be a certainty for 2023. 

The regulations themselves will likely be published around October time in conjunction with any announcement regarding the 2024 DiSCA Le Mans 24 hours, and be titled as WEC 2024. It may be that any events organised in the late part of 2023 also use these new regulations, so the Hypercars can stretch their legs as soon as possible.

Phase 2– 2025

In the top category, we’ll see LM Hypercars from 2020 onwards, replace current LM P1 category and be categorised exclusively by themselves. For the artisans in the community, form 2025 LM Hypercar will become the only category where scratch building will be allowed.

LM P2 will change to a one-make category for the Slotit Oreca 07 only. The model will still be eligible to run in Hypercar, but in P2 spec will run box stock with the MN-09ch Flat 6 closed side upwards. This change will be made to appeal to racers that appreciate a more out of the box approach to racing, with most of the Slotit original equipment being required for this new P2 category. The technical details are to be finalised, but it’ll basically be a standard car with control tyres, weight limits, and concessions for the digital chip and light kit.

LM GT will change LM GT3 to accommodate the new GT3 cars that will have run during the 2024 1:1 WEC. We will also remove the scratch building options from LM GT, requiring a commercially available body and chassis a per current GT3 Euroseries. Motor orientation will remain free and basically the only change will be to allow any GT3 model that’s raced at Le Mans and is available via a recognised commercial channel. It is important to note that there will not be a direct technical crossover between the forthcoming LM GT3 category and the current GT3 Euroseries formula.

Our initial proposals for this walk have been well received by the community, and it is our hope that the implementation will both go smoothly, and be just as well received as the idea of it.