Garage 27 top the field in GT4

Long time digital racers Nik Kerwsill and Dave Maddock of Garage 27 achieved the team’s first overall victory in the Rockingham 2 hours for DiSCA GT4 cars.

Both Kerswill and Maddock were narrowly beaten in their qualifying races by Sports Carazing drivers Gary Skipp and Martin Thorpe, respectively, but in the feature race the duo were able to pull ahead in the early stages and maintain that lead through to the end. The Garage 27 Mercedes AMG proved to be fast and reliable, while the Carazing Aston Martin suffered damage to the rear body post, a problem which manifested during qualifying race two and compromised the handling. In the end neither Skipp nor Thorpe could take the challenge to the runaway Mercedes.

A handful of rookie drivers filled out the tail end of the field, partnered with some more established team mates. The ex Skipp-Sleight BMW 330i which raced in the inaugural 3h of Sebring performed particularly well in the hands of veteran John Underwood and rookie Daniel Munday, finishing on the podium.

The GT4 cars will be back at North Wales in April.