Lamborghini Huracan by TA71S

The Area71 Slotcars Lamborghini Huracan GT3 is now homologated for DiSCA GT Euroseries 1/32.

You can order the car directly from TA71S as a complete kit including all of the parts to build your kit to DiSCA spec.


CLUBSPORT Edition” | €59 per kit, plus shipping

CS kits will feature an un-numbered 3D-printed body and 3D-printed chassis, 3D-printed mirrors, 3D-printed spoiler, wheel inserts, lexan vac-formed/3D-printed tray interior, laser-cut/vac-formed windows and clear parts, plus an adjustable Scaleauto guide holder. Chassis designs have been developed to allow Scaleauto, and Sideways motor pods to be fitted to one chassis option, with a second option suitable for NSR motor pods also available.

DiSCA GT Euroseries Parts Pack| €40

Designed to allow TA71S owners to build their model precisely to an approved ‘DiSCA GT Euroseries’ mechanical specification with high-quality Scaleauto components, the GT Euroseries pack includes the following components:

  • SC-4052f front rims (1x pair)
  • SC-4734 front tyres (1x pair)
  • SC-2018 Procomp3 rear tyres on rims (1x pair)
  • SC-1211 55mm steel axles (1x pair)
  • SC-1604 guide blade 7mm (1x)
  • guide terminals (1x pair)
  • 0.9mm silicon motor wire (25cm)
  • tinned braids (10cm)
  • M2x2mm steel grub screws (4x)
  • M2x8 mm steel Phillips screws (3x)

Anglewinder option

  • SC-0027b ‘Baby Sprinter’ 18k long-can motor (1x)
  • SC-6524 AW motorpod 0.5mm o/s (1x)
  • SC-1195 12t brass pinion (1x)
  • SC-1167 27t spur gear (1x)

Total Cost | €99

To enquire about The Area71 Slotcars Lamborghini Huracan GT3 with DiSCA GT Euroseries parts pack, email