6th edition DiSCA Le Mans 24 hours

Running for the 6th time on oXigen, with the support of Slot.it and in association with DiSCA, we are pleased to announce the 2017 Le Mans 24 hours.

The race will take place 1st-2nd April 2017. Free practice and qualifying session will take place on the preceding Friday.


On Friday 31st March the track will be open for free practice, night time qualifying and a support race for 1990’s GT cars to the same 2-man/1hr race format we use for the GT Euroseries events. Details of the support race will follow separately.


The venue is a modern sports and leisure facility with ample off-road parking and nearby amenities. Access to the sports hall will be as follows;

FRI 12:00-00:00
SAT 09:00 to SUN 18:00

Hot and cold food and drink will be available during these times.

Cars may be entered in either of the following three categories;
Le Mans Prototype P1 – 2009 – 2016
Le Mans Prototype P2 – 2009 – 2016
Le Mans Grand Tourisme – 2012 – 2016

Each category is limited to a maximum of nine cars.

[*]Cars must have a plastic chassis
[*]Control motor (Slot.it Flat 6 or V12/4 23000rpm) supplied
[*]Control tyres supplied
[*]A permanent light kit is required

The technical regulations in full can be found here.

Overall race winner
Top three finishing positions in each category
Fastest single lap time set in official qualifying
Best presented car (concours d’elegance)
‘Spirit of Le Mans’ trophy

To register a team for this event you will need to complete our online form: CLICK HERE

You must specify the car and category you wish to enter at the time of registration.

You must also reference the 1:1 Le Mans car that your car is modelled on by giving the year and racing number. This is to avoid duplicate paint schemes. The website RacingSportsCars.com will be used as the official source of reference. Paint schemes will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. All form submissions are time stamped.

The registration fee is £225.00 to be payed in full by 31st January 2015. A deposit of £25.00 is required with registration.

Due to the current instability of GBP in the forex market, fees are fixed in GBP ONLY for this year’s race.

Payment via PayPal, bank transfer, personal cheque.

Registration will not be considered official until a deposit has been received. The first 16 teams to register will be entered into the race.

Any additional teams, after the 16 places are taken, will be added to a reserve list (maximum of 4). In the event that a registered team defaults, the first reserve will take their place. If a registered team does not process payment in full by 31st January, the first reserve will be invited to take their place. Non-competing reserve teams will have deposits refunded in full one week before the race.

Each team will receive an official sticker kit for their car which must be applied as per the regulations.

Final instructions, including provisional entry list, level of race firmware for chip and controller, and any travel considerations will be issued to team captains 14 days before the race. Each driver will be awarded a copy of the official DiSCA race programme on arrival at the sports hall.

Hi-res and large format copies of the event poster are available on request.

Please send answer any queries here to officialdisca@gmail.com