7th edition Le Mans 24 hours

It’s nearly time to register for Le Mans! The dates for the race will be 24th-25th March 2018.

Unfortunately these dates coincide with the changing of clocks for British Summer Time at 00:00 Sunday. Therefore the race will start at 15:00 Saturday and the chequered fled will fall at 16:00 Sunday. Please consider this when making travel arrangements.

Eligible cars for this year’s event will be LMP cars 2009-2017 and GT cars 2012-2017 that have race in the Le Mans 24 hours during the period. For a comprehensive list, click here for a presentation courtesy of Stryker Racing. There are no changes to the WEC technical formula, other than to facilitate the narrower LM P2 category cars at a width of 62.5mm.


How to register:

The registration form can be accessed by following the following link;


The form will not be accepting responses until Saturday 23rd September from 11:00 GMT.

Entry fees

The entry fee is £225.00 with a deposit of £25.00 required at the time of registration to secure a place. The entry form does not contain a checkout and all payments must be made manually. Details are provided on the form.

As of 2018 the Le Mans support race is to be discontinued. Instead we look forward to the return of a three hour Friday qualifying session for Le Mans cars to include live tech. Please consult the schedule provided in the sporting regulations for the timetable in full.

A3 format copies of the event poster are available on request.

We will be happy to answer any questions about the race. You can reach us through social media using the handle officialdisca, via the contact form or email officialdisca@gmail.com. Best of luck to those wishing to register and we look forward to your entry!