TA71S Bentley – chipping for oxigen

Preparing The Area71 Slotcars Bentley Continental GT3 for GT Euroseries

by Tamar Nelwan

The installation follows more or less the same lines as what I posted for the Black Arrow GT3 Italia chassis. Here too, the most suitable position for the O201b1 chip, is just behind the front suspension mount.

If you don’t want to use a separate lane change IR led on leads, just enlarge the hole at the front of the pod for the chip mounted led to shine trough. Its just outside the Slot.it advised margin…but it will work. Not only for the TA71S chassis but also for the Olifer3D chassis for the BA F458, and off course for all regular NSR AW pods.



To get the chip that far forward on the pod you do have to remove some material from the front suspension mount. I have cut an extra slot in the retaining tabs so that I could rotate the suspension cup and mount it longitudally.

Here’s a tip to make a quick change mount for your Hall sensor. Take a piece of heat shrink tube big enough to fit over the Hall sensor. Shrink it, but not completely 100% tight, just tight enough so you need to apply a little bit of force to pull the heat shrink off again. Use a drop of cyanoacrilate to glue the heat shrink on your chassis…and slide the hall sensor back in.


In order to place the chip low on the chassis you’ll also need to trim the walls of the pod triangle and the pod magnet holder. As with the Black Arrow pod, yopu have the choice to mount the chip on the chassis or on the pod.

With the triangular design of the NSR pod you’ll have less surface to mount the chip on the chassis andyou can only support it at the front.
Here you can use the guide wires to apply a bit of tension to the front of the chip to keep the back clear of the pod.


As with all chassis, make sure that all the wires that go to the chip are flexible and placed in such a way that they don’t interfere with pod/chassis movement.