European Championship Finale 2019

The weekend November 2-3 2019 saw the first DiSCA European Championship finale, held at the CricCrac Superdome, Igualada. DiSCA would share the stage with multiple other slot car racing events in all types and scales, but of importance to slot fans worldwide would be the international racing debut for the recently available Policar brand of track. Images and words by Tamar Nelwan.


If you need to go racing in November, Igualada Spain is the perfect place to go: Lots of Sun, Slot Feistvals and Sangria. 

The view from the adjacent Superdome balcony

This grand entrance of the Superdome is actually the back door, impressive staircase leading to the first floor, where DiSCA shared it’s home with the CSD National Championship and the Scaleauto 1:24 events, held on a wooden track.

Cataluña recreated in Policar

Saturday morning Racebriefing for the CSD finals was delivered in Spanish but with English subtitles provided by friend of DiSCA, DJ. Most important thing learned here was to yell “Coche” (Car) instead of Marshall!

CSD heats contained only 6 drivers each.

The CSD event has its roots in SXC-D and Ninco digital, meaning heats are limited to six cars with eight in the final. PC Lapcounter was the RMS in play, and utilised fuel stops over the course of a 30 lap race.

At the base of the Superdome hill you’ll find the famous Cric Crac slotshop, also premises of IBB and Scaleauto. For some visiting this place was one of the main reasons to make the trip. 


Saturday evening 20:30 hrs. Time for the DiSCA GT3 final, just one race of 90min, but what a close race it was. Eleven cars made up the grid, power set to 100%, with all 4 lanes available. Lets burn some (foam) rubber!


After the races back to the Hotel America were most of the Northern European racers had set up base camp. Time for a late night snack at the Burger King conveniently situated next door.


Sunday morning back at the Superdome,  due to time restraints a shortened WEC program, still 6hrs of racing, but less time for practice and qualifying. Not a problem for DiSCA regulars but new teams would have benefited for a bit more track time.


Atfer six hours of racing, the winning  cars per class, LMP1 Kilslot AMR/Lola (ESP), LMP2 Sportscarazing Pescarolo (GBR), LM GT Team Monkeytown Ford GT LM (NLD). Concourse shared by SVWorkz Oreca 07 and CSD Pink Pig Porsche 911 RSR.


DiSCA award ceremony, the Usual suspects for GT & LMP2, but a fine win for the Kilslot team in LMP1. On the back of successful performances, DRS Vigo and Kilslot are aiming to join together and obtain a reserve space for the Le Mans 24 hours in April.