A note from DiSCA

For obvious reasons this year has been pretty quiet for DiSCA. Due to the primary focus of the association being national and international competition, there hasn’t been much for us to post about over the summer and into the winter. Despite this being the case, we’re still ticking over and will be ready to resume normal activity when the appropriate opportunities allow.

At the moment there are no plans for major events during 2021, although at some point there will be some revisions to the GT3 Euroseries homolgated cars list to accommodate newly released models, at least since the last issue of the list. We have received a few enquiries regarding the Sideways BMW M6 GT3, and some other models, and can confirm the M6 will definitely be green stamped. For any clubs fortunate enough to be able to race right now we encourage a common sense approach to allowing new GT3 models until the new, official list is released.

While ProComp4 sponge tyres have been evaluated for GT3 there are no firm plans for a switchover and the most likely scenario is that when adopted, organisers will be free to specify which tyre is to be used for their events. The PC4 will certainly be more suitable for races longer than the official durations of 60 or 90 minutes, but also offer a more economical option for clubs that run shorter races thanks to their durability over the PC3.

WEC is in a peculiar place right now and rather than getting lost in the permutations, the current ruleset will remain unchanged for at least another 12 months, including eligibility periods. This will be regardless of what happens with the FIA championship. One caveat will be that a tyre specification change will be on the horizon for DiSCA WEC, although with no major events for the foreseeable future, this is a minor footnote for now.GT4, Group C, BTCC (Touring Car) remain unchanged and as flexible as ever for clubs to amend the rule sets to suit their circumstances.

Best wishes to all, enjoy your racing if you’re able to, but always stay safe!