News for August 2021

As racers around the globe begin looking towards a return to normality following the Covid-19 pandemic, DiSCA has also been resuming racing activity.

Firstly from Rockingham, UK. The Corby based club held a six hour race for WEC GT cars attended by eight teams and won by Gas Monkeys with the Ferrari 458 Italia. Early leaders Sports Carazing suffered a malfunction during the second hour and slipped in the order, recovering only to fifth place. The pace of the field was extraordinary, with only five hundredths of a second covering the first three cars on the grid after qualifying.

In technical news, it is with regret that DiSCA has confirmed the illegality of the newly released Toyota TS050 by SRC due to incompatible scale dimensions. This is a huge blow for the LMP category and looks only to be further exacerbated by SRC’s announcement of the Porsche 919, which one may only assume will suffer the same inaccuracies.

A multitude of DiSCA standard have been updated this month. GT3 Euroseries, GT3 for Makers, GT4 Open and Clubman, and Touring Car have all received an update. Of particular necessity was an update to the GT3 homologation list, which has now moved online to a google sheet. Alongside the admittance of several new models, a clear tabulated format more easily allows one to identify eligible aftermarket chassis. It is also worth noting the ambiguity around glazing has been resolved, with all cars now requiring the original glazing provided in the carton when purchased. 

Finally, DiSCA has entered early stage planning to host a three hour GT4 / TC event in collaboration with DHORC in Derby, UK, before the end of the year.