DHORC Trial Digital

DERBY, UK. Words by Nick Sismey.

The Derby HO Racing Club has dabbled in 1/32nd racing a couple of times during its near 29 year history, on top of its 616 HO Club Nights, and it hadn’t really rocked our boat. But tonight that all changed with Carrera Digital on our 100 foot Sebring International Raceway replica.

Wow what an incredible experience running 5 cars (we were only allowed a max of 6 people under the current restrictions) in 30 minute races with regular fuel stops and all they entail using Marc Bonsels amazing SmartRace App. Seeing all of your race details on your phone was unreal, but will take some getting use to. We will get there.

We hadn’t stuck our barriers down (to save build time) as this was our first test session of many this year so there were a few cars hitting the deck but that will be sorted for the next test. Philip Rees blue and white curbing (reflecting the curbing at Sebring) worked so well. He hadn’t had time to complete all of the curbing and we agreed there needed to be some tweaks to it. His power jumpers also ensured we had even power all round the track. We also ran a couple of 1/24th cars, they were so cool.

A big thanks to Phil, John R Lamb Darryn Mutch and Dean Garbett for their support, it was great to be back in the Club Room again after 15 months. The HO racing begins again on 7th July 2021, on our 29th birthday, when we can again have a full house.