Glory for Olifer Racing

Olifer Racing have won the the 9th edition DiSCA Le Mans 24 hours, held at Derby Leisure & Events Venue, UK (formerly Rolls Royce Leisure).

Following a race long battle with Low Lands Racing, the Portuguese team were able to overcome several electrical issues to complete the race with a winning distance of 4941 laps, with a margin of 71 laps to second place Demon Slot Racing. Low Lands, running the SV Works Rebellion R13, suffered from collision damage and eventually lost pace during the closing stages of the race, resulting an impressive recovery drive from Demon netting them the second position. The Welsh team suffered their own maladies early on in the race and fought hard to climb the ladder and place themselves in contention.

Starting Grid. Olifer Racing on Pole Position (Oreca) from Low Lands Racing (Rebellion)

For Olifer, running the Oreca 01, it was a case of managing the gap they had at the front of the field. Driver Nuno Abreu started the car from pole position after a stunning qualifying lap of 13.81 seconds, but would be challenged by Low Lands in the early stages as drivers Kevin Vonk and Ward Somers tussled for the lead of the race.

In the GT Category, Rockingham, running the Porsche 991 for the first time, established an early stronghold on the category lead and were never really challenged for that. They were in the top group thought the race and ended up in a solid fourth place and first in GT. They were only 11 laps shy of Low Lands in the end, and with some slightly different circumstances, may have crept on to the overall podium.

This was the goal for LMP2 winners Sports Carazing, who similarly to Demon, put in a recovery drive after a two independent issues early in the race caused them both a chip and motor change. This allowed Worthing Digital to briefly lead the LMP2 class, but the pace of the Carazing Pescarolo once it was back on the circuit was to much for Worthing or fellow P2 contenders Great Barr to do anything about. Carazing would climb to fifth overall, and stay there for the category victory.

The final lap of the race saw the Olifer chassis LMP2 car of Sports Carazing and the Olifer team car of Olifer Racing join together on the circuit and cross the line abreast at 3pm for the chequered flag. An emotional award ceremony saw the Portuguese pay tribute to absent driver Ricardo Ferreira, who was forced to miss out on participation due to family commitments.

Olifer Racing LtR; D.Matos, J.M. Ferreira, J.P. Ferreira, A.Sousa, N. Abreu

Concours d’Elegance was won by the Low Lands Racing Rebellion R13 with an impressive score of 120/140 points.

Concours d’Elegance winner by Low Lands Racing